About me

I am an organisation scholar who is particularly interested in multidisciplinary research, combining the academic fields of philosophy and business administration, to study the performativity of organisational practices. For my PhD thesis, I have studied rankings as a sociomaterial practice in an organisation: their becoming, their enactment and transformative consequences for the organisational practices they were entangled with.

I am also interested in the role of AI technologies within organisations. For example, how and why AI technologies play a role in transforming organisational design, daily organisational practices, employees’ identities or their (ethical) behaviour.

My expertise is in qualitative research methodologies, and through practising ethnographic research for my PhD, I have become an organisational ethnographer.

Also teaching activities make me very enthusiastic. Especially courses about philosophy of science, methodologies in social sciences, and those courses in which I can critically discuss mainstream thoughts about organisational practices are my favourite ones. As an experienced academic lecturer I also supervise theses in the fields of science, business administration, and business economics, as well as in the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Executive programmes.

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